Hilath States that my post on “controversy over the freedom of religion” is an implicit intimidation.

Hilath, being a journalist have attained tremendous outcomes. He contributed to the Daily News paper “HAVEERU”, where I was quite young. I was heard about Hilath, long ago: but I never express rumors which may effect his reputation. I heard a lot about him.
He supported the late “Khalifa Rashaad” where he (hilath) was a unpolluted Muslim, It was Hilath who work up for early morning prayers, where my brother and I have been to mosque and he usually holds the chats with him. So the question is who the Hilath is? I know he has a Bachelors Degree; but unfortunately he has been pointed as a . He was an extremist (I used the word extremist because I was learnt that, extremism never exists, but hilath usually refers that word as well as the fundamentalism).
Later he began to change, what so ever the reason and it doest matter me. You will aknowlege his character when you read his blog, I learned about his blog very recently, after arriving Maldives completing my Bachelors Degree at National University of Singapore.
I came across lot of criticism about the Islamic Scholars, Where he has posted that “saint Fareed have received undergarments” “shaik Ilya’s sermon about the Paradise” “judicial-punishments, like flogging” “freedom of religion, freedom speech and creed”.
He is against the Muslims, he refer them as the extremists. So he made a gimic. The gimmick starts from Muraasil. He threatened himself, he threatens for him, and it was Hilath who have posted that article on Muraasil. He did it by an anonymous account.
As we know he is against the Islam. He want take that matter to the presidents consideration, the attention to be pointed on that matter. They insult the women, they argue to give rights which are not supposed to bear by women; they refer fareed as a GOD.
He asked fareed in his post at hilath’s own blog, that Fareed was a former member of MDP, he want prove that fareed was escaped by their pressure to president maumoon’s government. They ask repeated to take in to consideration of the government. (Read that article). Their convoy has no rudder, nor direction, by nature the current streams are adjacent to be erroneous, and they are philosophically in a captive.
I know Hilath want to impose government’s cruelty over the Muslims. He added, the first lady, DO sappe to the same class, why; just for the presidents concentration. And the media was fueled about the story. As far we came to know, Hilath asked indirectly to punish those scholars. He seems to say that, Dear president your wife also has threatened your friend (scientist of “FULHIMADHU”) too…
Why Hilath shall be afraid. We have a government, court system, police and other concerned authorities to take battle if any violation takes place. So don’t be afraid, No one will make justice by the bare-hand. It was quite historical in nature, that when a person makes personal injury and impose “Qisaas on him, by bare-hand. No one is going to menace you. Who appeared to threat an ignorant, baby-ideologist? So don’t make personal post about you yourself. It’s quite inattentive.

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