Does Islamic-extremism count as a sect of Islam?

During the era of prophet majority was Muslims. Muslim forces, invaded the neighboring territories for the sake of ISLAMIC DHUWA. History envisages that mostly, once in a blue moon, the hypocrites win the battles. Muslim power was broadened throughout the multitude of the Arabic territories. They were required to convert Islam, or otherwise pay certain amount of money to the Muslims. After the death of the prophet, Muslim KHALIFAS ruled the nation; the nation of Islam.
Muslims are required to follow the Quran, Sunnah, Ijamu, Qiyas to make their judgments. And also Muslim scholars conceded that man made laws can be established to the beauty of the livelihood. As far I have learnt, it’s evident that, in Islamic Sharia sunnah cannot be abandoned; prayers, fasting and all other practicalities were taught us by the prophet. Prophets (SAW) states that one must not be ruined if he follows the Quran and Sunnah. So if one tries to comply, surely he/she would be the luckiest person. In our society, western ideologists and infidels allege that Muslims as extremists.
Muslims in Maldives are not imperialists. The laws, which they follow, required defending the belief. As I always say to the ignorant that Maldives is a muslim state. Muslims ideologies shall not be logically right. Islam states that, Muslim states, dhaaru al-muslim shall take a tax or a kind of money upon arriving a non-Muslim to the from dhaaru al-harub to dhaaru al-islam. Maldivian laws required to have certain amount of money. It’s Islamic, and it is legally proves as a right thing to practice. So what does it stand for; extremis, Islamism or mere adherence to islam?
World order and power are commanding. The theory of democracy and freedom after the World War II began effective. The western societies were brought to the battle of challenge; war on weapons, wealth. The race of power, invasion and ideologies were formulated. Since the end of the cold war, states began to invade the ideology of freedom and democracy.
Muslims states infringed certain rights, namely freedom of speech, assembly and religion. Islam never intends to establish certain rights. It’s the western theory of democracy that the 51 person prevailing over the 49 poor. So the so called democratic societies began to invade the territories of the Muslim states. The idea is to revise the religion of Islam in to a liberal, secular and conservative religion.
In Islam there are no liberal, secular or conservative ideologies. Islam is Islam. It can never be alienated. The state and church separation rule, secularism has no legroom in the Islamic political system. Why every one is astonished when politicians talk about Islam? Why everyone blames that he/she is utilizing Islam as a tool? Yes, Islam is a tool that drives every aspect of the human being. It has essential elements of a political character.
Islam never gives the right to convert any other religion. Apostates have no right in the Islamic society. It’s revealed, Prophet (SAW) said that the person who converts from Islam shall be beheaded. I’m sorry but cannot go against the religion, it’s beheading, the capital punishment. Upon establishment of these rights one cannot refer them as an extremist legal system or extremism. It’s the divine law and it’s not obsolete.
Muslims are required to cover their body, for various reasons. Islam forbids adultery, fornication and rape, usury etc, Veil shall be used to cover their body, tight dresses are unacceptable. Saudi Arabian laws require all Muslims, zimmis, mustaumins to cover their bodies. It’s a Muslim state, the state laws are complied with sharia and none of others shall stone them, it’s the freedom. Let’s see Maldives; a Muslim state having a Muslim leader (perhaps) cannot be granted the right to expose the parts of the body as western societies do. It shall be revised. The police shall arrest them and sent their home, if fails to act, they shall be penalized
Jihad is obligatory in certain condition. Jihad to Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq is a controversial issue. What I know is jihad is obligatory. It’s reveled to us. I cannot conclude that the Maldivian who asked to travel to those territories are jihaddis. Suicide bombers are also within the category. What I know, (may Allah bless me), is that they are not Islamic jihaddis, they have brought calamity to our life. It’s the faith that counts; it’s the Allah’s wish to grant the reward.
The drafting process of the constitution must be highlighted here. When the draft finalized article 9 of the constitution was abandoned. It states that the state religion is islam. But later, even after the date of proposing the amendments, HDH. Member Naseer asked to incorporate the article stating that the state religion shall be Islam. ALLAH AKBAR.
Our nation was an Islamic state since 1158. Since up to date, the society was based on Muslim culture and ideologies. So the freedom of religion cannot be granted. Islam states that the infidels shall be sentenced to death. Freedom of creed could have been given if our society was a multi-religion society. Whoever opposes the said argument cannot be an extremist.
The Islamic state was labeled as the extremists. Western ideology is to ruin the state and revise their political system. Even, in Maldives some of the ignorant who vomits his ideology do persuade the western ideology. They advocate for freedom of religion. They advocate that Muslims are extremists.

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