Cowards rests in cave, sermons shall boost.

I was quite traumatized when the president made the statement in his weekly radio address and at the opening ceremony of the Donor’s Conference. The Head of State, firmly comprising the responsibility to protect the tenets of Islam, executed illegitimacy, refusing to bear the assignment. The constitution states that, in article 106 (c), the president shall uphold, defend and respect the constitution, and shall promote the unity of the state.
The constitution states that the state religion is Islam, non-Muslim cannot be granted the right to become a citizen, all laws shall be made in accordance with the Shari’ah and Islam shall be the basis of all laws enacted by the parliament. It’s clear and certain that the president shall bear the responsibility to make effect the powers vested to him. He failed to uphold the “hukums’ of Shari’ah, he failed to defend the Quran, he failed to defend the followers of Sunni Muslim, he failed to respect the Quran and Sunna, and he insulted all Muslim brothers and sisters.
In his Radio Address, he mentioned that, he was approached by several [how much; how several can be meant] young women and men, stating that women were demeaned and depicted by recent sermons relating to hell and heaven. He was petitioned, to obstruct them.
As we all agree, during the last regime, it was denounced, to make any guidance by any teacher regarding Hell. Why! Why! Why the so-called “democratic” government consist the same strategy. It’s clear, they all are afraid of the hell, or otherwise they are infidels. All, yes, including men and women are acting in accordance with the shari’ah. We all are guided and comprehended by the scholars, like Fareed and Ilyas. It would be intolerable incident to them, to observe that are following Islam strictly. The western ideology is abandoned.
Apparently, Maldives is a 100% Muslim country. There are some, including Hilath Rasheed, who support the movement to separate the state and religion, who created Face Book groups; begging to allow alcohol in city hotel where he can visit to Holiday Inn to booze, humbly requesting to make the Islands Rich by consuming the price of alcohol, demanding for the Liberalism of Islam and waving the rights of the women and insulting world Muslim community, Religion and state cannot be separated.
Islam is the religion which governs everything in the human life time. It has revealed the democratic principle of “su’ora”, it has a conventional political system. So anyone, who come with a loophole of Quran would be sane, anyone who came up with the error of Quran is null, anyone who states Islam is obsolete shall be referred as Kafir. If they are brave enough why don’t they hold meetings at Artificial Beach? Why they are unable to do so. They are cowards, no courage to do anything.
Who delivered unwashed-undergarment to Fareed? Who were intolerable? Who are in charge of the movement? Who was vomiting his ignorance while the sermon, “whom the hell is calling for” was emerging? We all know who they are. They all refer Muslims as extremist. They hate those who wear Burga. I wonder what will happen the person who refers islam as an obsolete religion. I wonder! We cannot deny Quran. We cannot deny sunnah. Fear Allah!

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