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Immoralities of MDP

I was surprised to hear the story that, MDP’s National Council has decided to recommend that President Nasheed to nullify the Coalition Agreement made between Qaumee Iththihad and MDP. The first multi party election of Maldives was succeeded by the … Continue reading

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Foreign News papers alleged as Maldives the Paradise of Fundamentalism

Staff Writer, James Morrison of The Washington Times, states that, “The Maldives, once considered a liberal Islamic nation, has been increasingly adopting fundamentalist Muslim practices, hosting Taliban terrorists from Afghanistan and breeding a youth attracted to Islamic jihad. Many analysts … Continue reading

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Innocent Detainees of Guantanamo Bay-No Shelter in Maldives

I am so curious about the innocent Gitmo detainees, who are supposed to be set free with an eagle eye by the American government. Gitmo, a leased property of Cuban government, rent amounting to an equivalent figure of $4085 per … Continue reading

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“Change the Style-Don’t follow your Leader”

We changed our style of devoting the power to one person. The one-man show of the constitution was alerted by the People’s Special Majlis in 2008. I cannot acquiesce that the President Maumoon is a dictator; albeit, we were governing … Continue reading

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“Sugathadhasa stadium as a Crime Playground of the Taliban,” Hilath Rasheed

Whoever dilates gossip about Zakir Naik shall be a laughing figure. Namely, the atheists, gay activists, modernists and other womyn feminists were burning by the schedule of Zakir Naik to visit Maldives. Some dissents are itching on the proposal. Recently, … Continue reading

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