“Sugathadhasa stadium as a Crime Playground of the Taliban,” Hilath Rasheed

Whoever dilates gossip about Zakir Naik shall be a laughing figure. Namely, the atheists, gay activists, modernists and other womyn feminists were burning by the schedule of Zakir Naik to visit Maldives. Some dissents are itching on the proposal.

Recently, the stupidest moron, HE Hilath Rasheed, posted an article stating that Maafannu Stadium is to be changed as the Taliban Crime Playground. Haha. What a nice conclusion by a desperate, mentally ill, psychopath. There are some other things we shall name as the famous brand “Taliban”. If Maafannu Stadium is to be changed as the Taliban playground why cannot the following statements be false?

The recent peace talk of Taliban was held in Paradise Island Resort. The island is owned by the famous Businessperson, the Bafayaa, Gasim Ibrahim. On the meeting, the shares had been changed to the Taliban leaders. Talibans have spent two days at the resort villas. So the island shall be named as the Paradise of Taliban.

Secondly, Zakir Naik is travelling to Sri Lanka this evening to give a two hour speech at the famous play ground Sugathadhasa stadium. According to the some sources from Sri Lanka, the Sri Lankan government have planned to guard the stadium and closed the roads around the stadium to provide security for the Islamic orator. Moreover, the governments have spent some money on his trip, where Zakir Naik would land Bandaaranayaka International airport today at 5:3o pm, and he would be travelling by a charted helicopter to the Colombo. So, Hilath, please take into account the following two statements. If Maafannu Stadium is named as the Taliban play ground why can’t sugathadhasa stadium be the Play Ground of Taliban? And How about the military police of SriLanka who are supposed to be handed to carry out the task, are they terrorists?

Haha. See these morons; especially Hilath Rasheed and some Negroes are blind about everything around. They think that the Boney Latheef, the Youth Minister would never allow the playground for the religious purpose.

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1 Response to “Sugathadhasa stadium as a Crime Playground of the Taliban,” Hilath Rasheed

  1. Ahmed Niyas says:

    Zaakir Naik will deliver his speech on 27 & 28 of this month. Maafannu Stadium is the venue.
    Every body be attend at the place 8:30 of those dates.
    But, i don’t think he can perform well like others. I wonder why you guys are boosted to get the foreigners?
    I think the programe would be a fakkurun, of the DRA (Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu) i mean a repeat programe.
    any ways leave it. Why Hilath Rashid Here?

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