“Change the Style-Don’t follow your Leader”

We changed our style of devoting the power to one person. The one-man show of the constitution was alerted by the People’s Special Majlis in 2008. I cannot acquiesce that the President Maumoon is a dictator; albeit, we were governing and upholding a charter of dictatorship which leads to a character of dictatorship. Fundamental rights were under the control of the law, where the law was consisted of the presidential decrees, announcements and policies. We change our way; we changed the ruling party; we changed the accommodation of morality; we changed the rule of law; we changed the character of a peaceful society.

I quote this heading from an article published on the Telegraph of UK.

Let’s talk about the current issues and the realities of it. I wonder how this nation can name as a 100% Muslim state. Criminal code is not yet enacted by the parliament, where the current criminal code, and procedure diverts to many ambiguities. On the other hand, president is quite barbaric person, being unable to comprehend the real state of Islam and its challenges. I never know how come we were named as Muslims for the sake of the detainees of the Guantanamo Bay. Guantanamo case may be really important for a superpower. But we have nothing to defend, just the Feyraaburi of the Han’dasburi (Gifili or the toilet).

Last week, the Taliban peace talk was took place at Paradise Island Resort, one of the famous travel destination of the world. The tourist from every horizon come to Maldives for relax and they love the peace in our society. What would be the effect of accommodating Gitmo detainees in Maldives? Recently, in an international conference, president declared that Maldives is becoming a Nest-of-Terrorists. In an another conference, in Bandos Island Resort, if I’m not wrong, he informed all the delegates that Maldives civil condition is worse and the civil demonstrations are threatening the development of Maldives, which is however a wrong interpretation. For the above reasons some investors and donors are hesitated.

MDP’s Government have a failure in comply with the Court Orders; the case of civil servant, the Iranian Fishing Vessel, Yacht Tours Case, and many other are to be highlighted.

Increasing the electric tariff has caused a dilemma to the ordinary citizens, where the amateur government is in many flaws, in meeting their admissions of the President Nasheed.

Moreover, about the Religious Unity Regulation, Mr. Nasheed, Anni, possess a failture to meet the expectation of the people. In my view, freedom of expression should be exercised with limitations, whethe Islamic or anti-Islamic the regulation should have purpose of bars.

Adhaalath Party, the only modernist in this country are labelled as the extremists. The modern views of the Islamic State, which was built by the former president Maumoon has ruined by the incumbant Nasheed. The religious congregation, the unity in our society, the peace and prosperity has been taken to a controversy. Some anti-Islamic barbarians are happily drawing the cartoon of the prophet Mohammad. Is this an Islamic State? One side we see the extremists on the other side we see the anti-islamic barbarians are committing crimes, abetting crimes, and many other immoral behaviors.

We cannot follow an ill-matured person who posses the immoral behaviors.In every aspect of our life, in every corner of the road, from adult to infant, the same rhythm is blowing; its we need a change and we will change this state

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