Innocent Detainees of Guantanamo Bay-No Shelter in Maldives

I am so curious about the innocent Gitmo detainees, who are supposed to be set free with an eagle eye by the American government. Gitmo, a leased property of Cuban government, rent amounting to an equivalent figure of $4085 per year, was leased in 1903 for a value of $2000 in gold per year. The Naval Base of American, the Gitmo, jumped on the bandwagon during the invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan by the American troops. Before that we all were ignorant about the base. Even though these incursions are extraneously irrelevant to Maldives we are now suppose to remedy the defect.
American war was against terrorism; however it has captured and detained many innocent individuals in Iraq and Afghanistan. Taliban and other Al-Qaeda terrorists have made United States as to invade those Muslim states. And I blame the barbaric al-Qaeda and its allies as anti-Muslim pagans who have made us, the real Muslims, to live in a calamity. Islam never preaches cruelty, and suicide bombers, surely Quran and Sunnah is against it. Islam never preaches to attack on the civilians, never preach to harvest opium, and never ask to break the moral code of Islam.
Last week, all the Maldivians were surprised of the sheltering the terrorism-accused, innocent detainees. The Deputy Chairperson of the Nation Security Committee of the Parliament and the Deputy leader of the opposition lodged a case against the decision of the government. The Reprimand was placed against the government, where the committee should be the most important committee of this state.
However, the press secretary refused the allegation, but later the Attorney General made his statement confirming the discussions between the States and Maldives. MATATO, the Maldives travel agency’s association has condemned the decision of the government where our country is depending of the tourism sector. Human Rights Commission of the Maldives has also condemned the decision of the government stating that they shall be sheltered in their own land. Former Attorney General Dr. Hassan Saeed’s Qaumee Party has met the American Ambassador in Colombo, Sri Lanka, last week. They are also preparing to file a case against the government on the issue.
Representatives of the parties and the independent candidates have met the American Ambassador today in Holiday Inn.
Also I would like to notice that the Foreign Minister, Dr.Ahmed Shaheed and Deputy Minister Ahmed Naseem has declined to appear at the National Security Committee of the Parliament today. All the action of the government shows that they are so curious to house those detainees in Maldives.
The lawmakers and the Lawyers have questioned on the visa of those detainees. However, during in a press conference, president declared that he will do that, and he should not be questioned on the matter anymore.
The decision of the NSC of the parliament would be the final verdict, but MDP government has a history of breaking the notion of Rule of Law in recent days.

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