Immoralities of MDP

I was surprised to hear the story that, MDP’s National Council has decided to recommend that President Nasheed to nullify the Coalition Agreement made between Qaumee Iththihad and MDP. The first multi party election of Maldives was succeeded by the MDP’s government, where the running mate was the leader of the Qaumee Iththihad. QI members who are currently working in the government would face a calamity on the decision of the National Council.


Under the Article 117 of the Constitution Vice President entitles to carry out the responsibilities delegated by the President and shall have the right to serve the nation. However, the MDP activists including the elites of the Haruge, and Cabinet Ministers have argued to stand against the VP, against the Constitution.

VP was an elected person; does MDP have the right to sack the VP? No, surely. But, the fact is that it has made several recommendations to expel the VP from the office of the president, which is the official-execute-head office. And also many of the degraded MDP activists suggest that the president shall evict VP from his official residence, Hilaaleege.
Last Week we were heard about a meeting held at the VP’s residence between DRP and VP. MDP members congregated at the residence and called for the resignation. Some of the members have also tried to climb on the gate, the front door.

The composition of the parliament shows the majority is vested to the opposition, where People’s Alliance and DRP has remedied the defects of their Coalition Agreement. The only option is to pass a confidence motion in accordance with the Article 100(a) of the Constitution, but in my best of knowledge I it’s highly impossible. Moreover the fear of impeachment is one of the fear factors of MDP.

MDP has been marked as one of the famous group who has breached the contract of the Coalition. Qasim Ibrahim; the President of Jumhoory Party, “the republican party, former Home Minister, Fathimath Dhiyana Saeed: former Attorney General, were aslo sacked during the very first quarter of the first year, in 2009. Adhaaltha Pary has been condemned, criticized and has been asked to resign by the Parliamentary Leader of MDP, Reeko Moosa Manik, who does’t acquire the minimum O’level standered where the minimum requirement for the Civil Servant still embodies the rule. Leader of the Qaumee Pary, the presidential Candidate Dr. Hassan Saeed, and the Deputy Leader, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmed, was sacked from the government where all the coalition parties had spent a lot in the second round of the presidential election in October, 2008.

The activists of MDP have more power than the President of Maldives. They seem more superior to the parliament and judiciary. They held riots near the Chamber, where there the Regulation of the Freedom of Assembly stated in contravene and they; they violated the rules of the Courts, and many were sentenced for the contempt of court; they have threatened the staffs of the Civil Service Commission, an independent commission governed by the constitutional authority.

VP has the constitutional power, he cannot be evicted from his official residence and MDP has no majority to impeach.VP has the constitutional power of attending cabinet meetings and cabinet committee meetings. So, with a salary of 75k, security, and immunities, he can reside as the VP till 2013.

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