Musthafa Luthfy shall be sacked

Who are teachers? My 5th grade English Teacher asked eagerly, I said guiders. “No, they are the real nation builders,” she said. I was asked to deliver a speech from my class in the school assembly. My theme was “Teachers-the real nation builders”.

How can a teacher be a real nation builder where the curriculum is outdated? Teachers can only guide by referring to something. The cirriculam is based on the western culture and their ideologies. The activities are based on their theories. School uniforms are passed by their approval. Teachers are, mostly, from the foreign cultures. It’s enough for us.

Mustafa is the Education Minister. Although he was from the Vice-President’s Qaumee Iththihaad he signed the Governing MDP very recently because of the fear of the vacancy. I mean to tell that Mustafa is not serving people. We are serving him.

He revised our curriculum and has made Dhivehi and Islam as a optional subject upon the request of the anti-Islamists. MDP supports his decision and the anti-Islamic and governing party has mutual relationship with such kind of anti-Islamic behaviors.

I did My Pre-University in India where I was coerced to study Hindhi Language. I can write and read Hindi. Why can’t we remain on the standing that Dhivehi and Islam shall be compulsory subjects. This is the reason for the no-confidence motion. I support it, sack him first.

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