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“State Dignitary” title in a trap

President of Maldives now have mislead mostly everything around him. Very recently, he started to grant the title of “State Dignities” to the senior officials who have served the government. Today he started to grant that Title to Businessmen in … Continue reading

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Transfer Market and Auction

Every political party is triggered to increase the number of members in their political parties. I don’t understand why they rely on the number of members. And moreover, the competition on the sale and transfer of Parliament Members are vivid … Continue reading

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Who shall be blamed for extremism?

The current regime blames President Maumoon for the level of extremism in Maldives. Maumoon tried to eradicate Islamic Extremism in Maldives. Firstly, he enacted a law that governs the Islamic Unity in Maldives. Under the Act, many scholars were scrutinized … Continue reading

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Was TVM a Trade Mark?

What it a Trade Mark. Let’s take the Maldivian context with regard to the laws and regulation of Maldives. Can a person or a government body advertise an unregistered Trade Mark? I found the search box of Ministry of Trade. … Continue reading

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MNBC isn’t a sole property of Khaleel

If Anni could establish a unique company all for his friends and allies what shall we do. Shall we say it as modern democracy of nepotistic grippeor else, we can just refer it as the modern trick for incursion without … Continue reading

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Jeffrey Overdosed in Liberalism

I’m very much fascinated to see him darted with sharpen words.  There are Maldivians who do not believe in extremism of slaf, and also people who do not believe in liberal ideologies of Jeffrey Salim Waheed. The article published in … Continue reading

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