Jeffrey Overdosed in Liberalism

I’m very much fascinated to see him darted with sharpen words.  There are Maldivians who do not believe in extremism of slaf, and also people who do not believe in liberal ideologies of Jeffrey Salim Waheed.

The article published in Haamadaily was itched by salaf and also to the Sheik Al-Azhar Dr. Jeffrey Salim Waheed, son of the frail Vise-President of Maldives.  Here is the comment attacked to Jeffrey Salim Waheed by Jerry on Minivan news.

“Salim Waheed you make a joke of ur self! You are not even a true Maldivian nor believes in the fundamentals of Islam (according to your comments and articles..Allah Sw knows best). You have hate and enemity to Islamic scholars who call for Islamic revival..and love the Islamic scholars like Gayoom who adovocate Islam to their own wims and desires!
Salim!! Remember you are no Islamic scholar (Salaf, Fareed, Ilyas and many other) to critize Islamic principles! Do you what your know best..which is playing political game and lies and deception to ordinary citizens! Remember Maldivians dont need your deviant Islamic ideology! Islam in time of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and now doesnt change just because you want or because it was revealed in desert and you live in States or an island! Learn to respect others (specially Scholars) before you enter politics! Perhaps you never got the chance to learn that! Or perhaps you would do it the hard way! Good Luck! And May Allah SW give you the wisdom and knowledge and make you return you to true Islam and NOT your secularised Islam or Deviant form Islam! POINT TO PONDER: how do you know to pray 5 times and the actions in it? How do you know to fast and its details if it wasnt for Sunnah of Prophet and his companions that you reject like a BIG FOOL?? Just becz you have hatrd and feel angry at some culture or way of living doesnt mean Islam needs to change for the fewer kind of you!! THINK DUMB BRAIN! Your Stanford Degree is nothing but a hot gas in ur brain if you dont think critically of ur actions and thoughts which you get from youtube, CNN etc! Be a full Muslim! think and be happy!! You are young and have potiential to be leader in Maldives but first be truthful to yourself..just becoz your parents or ancestors did practice a form of Islam or didnt doesnt mean you have to follow! think! think!!!”

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