MNBC isn’t a sole property of Khaleel

Rebranding TVM

If Anni could establish a unique company all for his friends and allies what shall we do. Shall we say it as modern democracy of nepotistic grippeor else, we can just refer it as the modern trick for incursion without weapons.  opeless!

MBC, Maldives Media Corporation was established by the statutory power delegated to the parliament, and also upon passing the bill President have ratified it without sending back for the reconsideration. But the problems were created at a later date, and disputes, not merely disputes, but the silly mistake of the government was swallowed upon dismissing the some names from the governing board of MBC.

MBC was statutorily established to provide a balance, unbiased news within Maldives as a public broadcaster.

Whatever to say, we can conclude that no one can be the sole proprietor for any public property. If Khaleel is to manage and own MNBC and his scope of work is to propagate wicked agenda of MDP, why can’t we, the real owners of the state, citizen, can gather and demonstrate to the government that we are firmly holding the powers of the state and the powers shall remain on use, as Ibra did with the theme for Maadhaa-4.

The only question is which body or the institution will take the possession of the Assets.

Companies Act

Company Act clearly stipulates that in Article 95: Government Companies can be established either by Law or by Presidential Decree. MNBC was created by a Decree of the President. MNBC was established by a decree where MBC was established by the law. What shall be priorized is not a question indeed, but the problem is failure of the government, to comply the laws and regulation, and upheld the notion of Rule of Law.

Right to title and Assets

I found amazing upon the news that MBC has gone to Civil court to get the possession of title and ownership of MNBC -1, before rebranding Tvm and Raaje Radio, previously Dhivehi Raajjeyge Adu. Hassan Afeef, Political Advisor to the President declared that the issue of TVM and Radio shall be settled in court on the day Khaleel and Madulu Waheed dropped their name before the listing goes to the floor of the parliament. The state media outlets seem to be entitled to ownership of two fellow Maldivians who can change the content in a line with the governing, lunatic, ignorant MDP.

Transfer of Titles:  Consent of the owner

I do think that before the transfer of any property consent is compulsory. For example if someone wants to own my Ipad, he or she shall ask for my consent, because it’s my property. However, if I and my brother want to own the property of my dad, before his death, without his consent; can it be legitimate?

On the other hand, let’s see that President decided to dissolve MNBC, do you think that the property remains on MNBC, where the company is not existing; or else, let’s see that Khaleel and Madhulu decides that the assets of MNBC shall be allocated in an equal basis on pro rata basis, and do you think that the president declare thereupon that the owners are the members of the governing Board of MNBC. Nice question.

What I want say is that both MNBC and MBC are companies owned by the state. Company Act specifically states that the share, assets of the companies owned by the government can be transferred in accordance with the Company Act by a statute of the parliament.

It never plays any role in the dissolution of MNBC. The real problem behind the scene is “propagation”; MDP wants to telecast a biased content, not a free media source. Whenever I remember or when the president says that he is holding a modern democracy, I can see the similarities of last THIRTEE years and last THREE.

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One Response to MNBC isn’t a sole property of Khaleel

  1. Docks says:

    TVM and RADIO is owned by MDP activists. What are they going to do is to get full control of all the media in Maldives. But i think Opposition will try to protect the state media.

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