Was TVM a Trade Mark?

What it a Trade Mark. Let’s take the Maldivian context with regard to the laws and regulation of Maldives. Can a person or a government body advertise an unregistered Trade Mark? I found the search box of Ministry of Trade. Please type “TVM” amazing….. Results shows Bellow

1.       TVM is a business Name

2.       TVM is a logo

Yesterday, some monkey lawyers of the state appeared in civil court with the great advice from the great Attorney General Dr. Ahmed Ali Sawad, who recently took the office of Attorney General after betraying his political party.

Brand Names are identities of specific products, services, and business. But, business activities cannot be carried out in the name of a brand name. Let’s see that TVM often announced for vacancy, if it’s a brand name, how a brand name can acquire employees. The Regulations and Laws of Maldives stipulate that Limited Liability Companies, Public Companies, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and individuals can carry out business activities upon registering them by the Registrar of Companies.

TVM was an institute carrying out its business as a public broadcaster. Later, upon acquiring the power by the President Nasheed, established a corporation Named as Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation (MNBC), and he transferred all the assets of the institution to MNBC.

Moreover, Parliament decided to establish a Parliamentary Corporation named as MBC, Maldives National Broadcasting Corporation. In the Transition Chapter they have incorporated that upon ratifying the Bill, MBC Act 2010, TVM and VoM shall be transferred to MBC.

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