Who shall be blamed for extremism?

The current regime blames President Maumoon for the level of extremism in Maldives. Maumoon tried to eradicate Islamic Extremism in Maldives. Firstly, he enacted a law that governs the Islamic Unity in Maldives. Under the Act, many scholars were scrutinized and sometimes were punished for the disobedience of the Act.

In his regime, in 2007 a homemade bomb was blasted and three persons were jailed for their attempt. He deployed his troops and police in Himandhoo, and island where most of the extremists live, who congregate in a separate mosque which weakens the Islamic unity. He brought them to justice. He tried to protect the Islamic Unity by avoiding and eliminating Islamic Extremism in his Thirty years of Regime.

August 13, 2004 was the day that most of the things were turtle turned. In the popular name, “Black Friday”; many people gathered and Sheik Mohamed Fareed Ahmed was one of the leaders on the Republican Square.

The opposition, however, doesn’t buy the rosy success story. Abdulla Yameen, the former president’s half-brother and leader of the People’s Alliance opposition party, alleges that Wahhabism is growing under the current government and the government has little control over what forms of Islam are preached in the country.

Remedifying Extremists

Dr. Abdul Majeed may be willing to conduct rehabilitation programs for the extremists. As a coalition was partner and the only coalition partner after the two years of the presidency of Nasheed, he never intends to do his official duties. Rather, he and the Deputy tries maximize their support and increase the number of members in Adhaalath Party.


President Nasheed is unable to approach the extremists who congregate in Dharumavantha Miskiy (Dharmavantha Mosque), located near his palace and the MNDF. Every Friday when we go to mosque nearly at 12:25pm they would be nearly the end of the prayer. Who has the power? Armed forces or the extremists. I do think that Nasheed will use them in public elections.

He used the leader of extremists, Sheik Fareed, as a leader in Kalhu Hukuru (Black Friday) as a result Fareed is free to conduct any sermon in any name at anywhere. Hehe! What a nice democracy in the 21st Century.

They showed to the public that that Fareed is a reformist and he speaks only about corruption in the context of Islam. Most of his sermons were political during the presidency of Maumoon.

President Nasheed has sent his envoys to Himandhoo, just to let them know that President will never approach them unless they approach him.

Moreover, last month he pardoned the extremists who were jailed for bombarding at Sulatan Park during the presidency of Maumoon. They all were jailed for 15 years term. Three guys, who have attacked some tourists in the name of Islam, were cursed by the society. But, later, last month President Naheed got the courage to free them.

Please attend for a prayer at Shaheed Ali Mosque; extremist will start praying after the official congregation finishes. Who shall be blamed? President Nasheed or President Maumoon.

“We do not believe fundamentalism is dealt with by the heavy-handedness shown by the previous regime,” said MDP chairperson Mariya Ahmed Didi.

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