Transfer Market and Auction

Every political party is triggered to increase the number of members in their political parties. I don’t understand why they rely on the number of members. And moreover, the competition on the sale and transfer of Parliament Members are vivid in nature.

One MP for Kulhudhuffushi, Abdul Gafoor Moosa was elected as an independent candidate. However, he has signed with the ruling MDP months ago. And Nazim Rasheed, MP for Thulhaadhoo constituency did the same. These were independent members. They gave the assurance to the people of their constituencies that they will never align with any political party.

The rates of the transfer market are high in number, around 300,000 USD to 500,000 USD. Alhan Fahmy was the one who started. I cannot say he was bribed by MDP. But, my question is how he managed to afford to buy a brand new BMW car. He was bribed according to many sources, bribed by the one who is seemingly the Father of the Modern Democracy with Political Parties in Governance.

I think they need to consult with people of a particular constituency before signing with a political party or before being an independent. It’s immoral and unethical. But, they find it as a mean of earning money.

These members never ask opinion in their respective constituencies to alongside with other parties. This is a matter of political defection in Maldives. It has created a chaos. The Political leader, president of People’s Alliance (PA), and the MP for Mulak Constituency was arrested and interrogated for the suspect of bribing Parliament Members. Evidence was exposed to the public, although it has no value. Evidence was the letters send by the governing MDP members to the president. And also en mass resignation had taken place alleging that the parliament was troubling the good governance of the Executive.

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One Response to Transfer Market and Auction

  1. mode says:

    let me say something about Abdul Gafoor – he represents my constituency in Majis
    I remember the day when a hardcore MDP activist from my island told me that they were preparing for a court case which could easily have ended Gafoor’s political career.
    And in weeks time, he sworn his allegiance to MDP and court case vanished.
    Apparently the activists had gathered enough witnesses and documents to win the case. So he took the safe pill. i.e. became a loyal mdp.

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