“State Dignitary” title in a trap

President of Maldives now have mislead mostly everything around him. Very recently, he started to grant the title of “State Dignities” to the senior officials who have served the government. Today he started to grant that Title to Businessmen in Maldives. He granted the title of State Dignitary to Champa Afeed and Umar Manik. Why?

Who is this Champa Afeef?

Afeef is the owner of three resorts, namely: Gasfinolhu, Meerufenfushi and Kuredhoo. And also, he owns Dhifm, official radio that broadcast in Maldives and, he owns DhiTv official TV that telecast in Maldives.

Firstly, I want highlight that Champa Afeef was an accomplice who have abetted to a crime. It was investigated and charged by the state during the first term of the President Maumoon. Kerafa Ahmed Naseem, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs was the guy in charge, according to the high court reports and the previous piece of newspapers.

The current Human Rights Ambassador of Maldives, Go Go Lateef informed the case to the Maldivian government, and he was granted a Resort as a gift for his undercover contribution to the investigation. Maizan Alibe, a pure, innocent person who was also found guilty on the said attempt. He has spent many years in jail, where Afeef was not interrogated nor arrested.

Moreover, Afeef was the Managing Director of the Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), a company established for the participation of people in tourism industry. Shares were issued for a face value of nearly 10 USD and for each Maldivian could be issued more than 100 shares. Champa Afeef and Gasim Ibrahim bought many share’s in the name of many Maldivians with their approval after paying 150 USD for each along with an agreement where the shareholder shall pay to them 1000 USD within 10 days of time, otherwise the shares will be transferred to the Businessmen: Gasim for his fools and Champa for his fools. All people were not eligible to buy 100 shares so many of the people decided they can get 150 USD after signing the agreement with either of them. Champa was the Chairman and owner of many resorts and also the Managing Director of MTDC

Umar Manik

Umar Manik is the chairman of the Universal Resorts, namely: Kurumba, Baros, Velassaru, Kuramathi, Labriz of Schyshells. He is also the president of the Maldives Association for Tourism Industry.

Very recently a strike took place in Kurumba Island Resort, and it was found that there are many employees who do not get 300 USD per month, where the minimal wage rate in most of the resort is more than that.

Why UMAR and CHAPA is on the trap

Government plan is to control all businessmen, mainly to fund for the overhead of Black Business; to fund rise for the elections and for the political purposes. If they could persuade Champa, government would own two TV channels and two Radio stations.

In a near future, local council election would be held, so the funding is vital in fact for every political party. Government can utilize these figured in order to persuade people and can spend their money on that purpose.

If they wish to evolve their business to a new world, they cannot achieve it without the help of the government. Very recently we heard the oil-businessman was informed of the reduction of credit facility from State Trading Organisation to 50%. The businessman, Riyaz Rasheed, MP for Vilifushi Constituency, was informed about this from the ruling MDP Members in Parliament.

No Service to Public

State Dignitaries are to be the people who have served the nation or else who have engaged in a job in Parliament, Judiciary, or Government. I haven’t found through the history of Maldives that anyone other than this hasn’t received the title of “state-dignitaries”. So why do he start to confer the title to these businessmen who do not serve the nation in a direct manner. But both were granted prizes and recognitions in their related field in Republic Day’s of the previous regime for their contribution in the economy, which was the highest prize that to confer to an individual nationally. Why shall they be entitling for the title of State-Dignitary. It’s a question in deed and in need.

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