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Sun Travel’s wedding plan: an unlawful deception

The wedding plans of Vilureef resort are really devastating the tourism industry. According to an article published by the Minivan News, and which have been published some days ago in many websites; it was really disgusting to see them treated … Continue reading

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Police Brutality against Media: “Black Day”

Last night, media officials attended to observe and capture photographs of the demonstrators. However, they were faced the brutality of police; Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Shields and Batons. They were deprived to enjoy the fundamental rights. Media officials have captured … Continue reading

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Police Brutality in Maldives: Harassing women journalists

Here is a photo. I hope, the real NGOs like, Transparency, Democracy House, and other association would condemn this act. I think Mariyaa, Eva and Rugi Need to be aware of these incidents.

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DRP’s Demonstration

Another demonstration is going to be held tonight at 8.45pm, in front of the head office of DRP. Last week, they had great demonstrations against the President Nasheed and his Cabinet. It’s believed that, tonight’s demonstration would be more intensified … Continue reading

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A Democratic Dictatorship

“Maumoon is a dictator, he is dreadfully nepotistic, his entire family was honored with jobs of the government”, said Hassan Afeef, Political Advisor of the President, in a rally hold by the governing MDP, while it was on the side … Continue reading

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GMR needs 800 expatriates

A source from the Employment Ministry say that GMR consortium has requested for a quota of 800 expatriates, to employ at Male’ International Airport. The Company has decided to bring the cheap labour, which they had in their Delhi project, … Continue reading

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My advertisements are free of charge

If any, pro-environmental product is to be launched in a near future, Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed would ask for invitation. And, he cannot wake up, because of the boozing previous night. Nasheed can be a good advertiser. Nasheed will never … Continue reading

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