Maldives to build anti-strike software

President babbles that the current constitution is the demonstration-constitution. What he believes abide that the transformation of the government is only due to the public corporation to demonstration and civil disobedience.

But, now, in his last Radio Address he talks about the anti-strike software to be carried out by a regulation.

Last month we have heard about a demonstration in the very first opened tourist island, Kurumba Village, which is owned by one of his recent “state dignitary”.

Rights of an employee and employer are truly defined in the Employment Act. But, beyond the limits of the Act, not only employees but also employers cannot behave in this jurisdiction.

He favors his donors, like the owner of Kurmba Village, Mr. Umar Manik. He gave the title of “state dignitary” very recently following the strike and expelling many staffs whose minimum wages stand below $200.

Government intends to establish a regulation of strikes relative to tourism related jobs. Tourism is the most successful business in Maldives, but they pay the least to their employers.

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1 Response to Maldives to build anti-strike software

  1. thaavalhu says:

    Kale ah kiyany BAMBULEY dhoo.. Dhonbe bambuley koko fikury bambuleyyy.. kae ah neygey ehche netheh nu.. i guess u want verikan 😛 arnold aa kale aa nethey thafaatheh mannn 😛 maa igiganegen noolhebe.. hadi kameh nu dho..

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