My advertisements are free of charge

If any, pro-environmental product is to be launched in a near future, Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed would ask for invitation. And, he cannot wake up, because of the boozing previous night. Nasheed can be a good advertiser. Nasheed will never charge any fee for that, even if the celebrities range rise more than millions of dollars.

If any company who launches new products, please invite Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed. He will pay for the costs of travelling, but he must be returned with a Prize; maybe, he may be willing to charge a bottle of Shula Shiraz.

Lazy leaders I this world work for the climate change issues. And people who are even new to presidency surely would do make the media stunt to get the concentration and try to nominate for the Noble Prize.

All the presidents around the world shall learn this character, in order to ascertain the best democratic leader.

Civil servants are lower paid, and the lowest salary of the politicians stands above $1,000 per month.

President has failed to comply the laws. Nevertheless, he has refused to ratify the bills passed by the parliament.

I don’t think that our patience will make anything great, but we have to decide, what we shall do, and how we do.

So, let’s change the change.


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