GMR needs 800 expatriates

A source from the Employment Ministry say that GMR consortium has requested for a quota of 800 expatriates, to employ at Male’ International Airport. The Company has decided to bring the cheap labour, which they had in their Delhi project, to get the most benefit they can acquire.

Many Maldivians would be unemployed, which will force them to beg with the government officials.

Government decided to lease the airport for a cheap price, just to get some cash to spend on the upcoming election of local councils. Government gets $100,000,000 as a first payment and shall be paid 1% of the profit which generates from the airport.

Every year, Maldives Airport Company spends 1% of their profit as a bonus to all employees. However, GMR shall pay only 1% for the next 25 years, which means in 2037 we will be able to eradicate them from our land.

Up on electing as the President, Mohamed Nasheed, so-called environmentalist has decided to sell the properties and assets which were bought by the previous regimes.

Governing MDP, Maldivian Democratic Party, has declined to ratify the Public Finance Act, which states to acquire consent of the parliament before selling or leasing a public property.

Maldives now is on a clearance Sale.


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5 Responses to GMR needs 800 expatriates

  1. Yo man, How about selling Theemuge… Gulheefalhu is really reclaimed,…. votes, the paper works were done by Maumoon, And Anni is gonna get the medal.

    And, 800 quota workers…how about the maldivians there, very kind and humble government… lets sell the whole maldives.. so that we can live in Australia, for ever.

  2. korukali says:

    Raeesul Jumhooriyyaa gaathu buney, Lailaa lavvaaaaa Naacharangeeeee kulhuvaashey, GMR will sponser, kihaabodu balaa eh..
    midhen boduvaru.. noontha?

  3. Nausha says:

    It’s pretty sure that this government is more democratic than any other, which we had in our past.
    But GMR shall go home…
    GMR has revoked the decision to get quota, but now they need to recruit maldivians, because of the next election, and Maldivians will be employed just for 3 years only….

  4. ibra di power says:

    Liyaane echche neygeneetha. Maumoon ah dhen verikamakah naadheveyne

  5. Andy says:

    I think the concept of democracy which Maumoon envisioned would have been much beneficial to Maldives. Some Maldivians out there could not digest his policies as he is very much against selling assets of this country to foreigners. But he has proved that his policy was right as there were massive infrastructure developments during his tenure. One could not disagree with that fact. Maldives was one of the two countries out of more than 50 countries that had graduated from the least developed countries over the past 39 years.

    “Since the establishment of the category in 1971, only two countries have graduated from the list: Botswana in 1994 and Cape Verde in 2007. Maldives is set to graduate in 2010.” (UN.Org)

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