A Democratic Dictatorship

“Maumoon is a dictator, he is dreadfully nepotistic, his entire family was honored with jobs of the government”, said Hassan Afeef, Political Advisor of the President, in a rally hold by the governing MDP, while it was on the side of the opposition, in 2008.

Now, the so-called democratic government is not more than a dictatorship, but one can determine the gravity of the features that have led the governance in to a mere democratic-dictatorship.

In this new term of the political science, the features shall be determined for one’s own information. Democratic-Dictatorship can be classified as the person, who governs the state, in contradiction to the Contract Theory of Thomas Hobbes, the Ultimate Governance theory of the Rousseau, and the theories of John Lock.

These famous theorists have laid a  concept, that which triggered the government and people in to a contract, where the performance, acceptance, offer, and consideration plays a vital role in order to make it as a completely performed contract.

In Democratic Dictatorships, , inorder to maintain his interpretation  of laws and regulations, the head of government would look for the loopholes of the laws. In practice, he/she will act like a criminal who had charged with many counts. The wrongdoer will rummage around the loops of the laws, where he can defend himself in the prosecution.

In transition Period

President Nasheed LOCKED the doors of the Supreme Court of Maldives for a while, was informed to administer the court with a leading head as the Political Advisor, Hassan Afeef, and Special Envoy of the President.

Supreme Court Judges were unable to enter the premises of the Court, where armed forced was informed by the president, to impede their steps to the door of Supreme Court.

President Mohamed Nasheed decided not to appear at the proceedings of  the civil court, for the case failed by the Prosecutor General, who has in his legal capacity to sue, asking for a court verdict to shelter the Supreme Power of Justice in Maldives.

Legal Matters

President awarded the International Airport of Maldives to a foreign company, which contradicts the Public Finance Act of Maldives.

President denied ratifying a bill passed by the two third Majority of the Constitutional Assembly.

President denied appointing a member to Anti Corruption Commission (ACC), upon passing the name in the Parliament, whose name was proposed by the president himself. Moreover, upon the court verdict, president was forced to accept it without appealing.

President has decided to change the “Name” of the councilors to Coordinators where the Local Council Act states that there shall not be any appointed councilors at the time of Election.

President had denied to meet the people congregated at his residence, where he have met the youths who approached his residence upon his request, just to make a public stunts that he meets the congregations who ever approached to his Solar Residence.


It’s evident that President was detained and adjudicated in the last presidency for his rebellious agenda to topple the government, spreading rumours about the state, and stealing public property. His family members, in almost all, were sentenced for the same crimes, including attempted murder, and for weapon. So, he is unable to appoint his family members to the respected posts of the state, where he moved to the friend’s family circle from his immediate family circle. (the Nepotistic facts is getting ready with photos)

Human Rights

President Nasheed has appointed a Human Rights Ambassador, who receives more than $2000 per month, but do not have any office to attend and haven’t done anything yet on his official regard.

President has detained President of an opposition Party, PA, Abdulla Yamin who also serve as an elected Parliamentary seat for the Mulak constituency, claiming for the national security, buy haven’t charged for any count.

President has failed to tackle the basic fundamental rights like: freedom of assembly, freedom of speech and many other basic fundamental rights guaranteed by the constitution.

This is a summary of his deeds. If we go deep in to it, and upon unveiling his tyranny, it would be more dangerous than a poisonous scorpion. If we are not initiating a change, this country would be in a chaos, facing economic illnesses, influence of the modern imperialism, selling the assets of the country on a “clearance Sale”, a dramatic unhealthiness in the democracy, under valuing the exchange rate, mortgage lesser than the loan amount, and will face total catastrophic nature in a near future.

(Search internet, for more about “democratic dictatorship”)


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1 Response to A Democratic Dictatorship

  1. Andy says:

    I am seeing in trepidation the future of my country. I have never think of leaving this nation but I am now compelled to abondon this place as things are deteriorating too rapidly. The incumbent government of MDP solely represents 25 percent of Maldives voting population and yet they are using the state media MNBC to propagate all their wicked insinuations to exploit every resource of the state in whatever they can.

    You are right. The people need to initiate toward a change as early as possible before we fall into a fail state. But that could only be done if the leading figures of Maldives proceed with it.

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