Police Brutality against Media: “Black Day”

Last night, media officials attended to observe and capture photographs of the demonstrators. However, they were faced the brutality of police; Pepper Spray, Tear Gas, Shields and Batons. They were deprived to enjoy the fundamental rights. Media officials have captured wanton vicious beatings of police last night.


Police have failed to “protect and serve”, which was their slogan. Many media officials were grounded. It was the journalist of Miadhu Daily, who were grounded and police forces have stepped on her body, while she was grounded by pushing and beating ankles. Some other reporters have handcuffed. Some have arrested and kept in police custody. Some were beaten and blood was shed from their body. One of the journalists from Dhifm, a local private Radio station, was brutally beaten by armed police.

An immediate reform is needed to divert the institute from the political motivation. But, the second senior officials, Deputy Commissioners of police were promoted to that post in contravene to the Police Act of Maldives.

Some say that, last night, Police forces were selected and deployed by an MDP activist, and he was asked to select the MDP supporters. As a result, they have used their cruelty to describe their support with MDP.

Human Rights

President has received an award for protecting and preserving human rights. It was awarded by a Novey Society. I think now the people of Maldives shall ask the society to take back it. is the to ask him to send back the award, where the president have no worry on media. Human Rights commission has initiated an investigation, where they will interview with several demonstrators and the media officials.

Maldives Journalist Association, MJA, has asked to the concerned authorities to investigate the police brutality that has triggered several casualties to the media officials.

A Press Release of MJA states that, Nine journalists were beaten. Those are:

Hussain Ameen, DhiTV

Hassan Nishan, DhiTV

Hussain Fariyaz,VTV

Fayaz Yosuf,VTV

Shaheedha Saeed, Miadhu Daily

Ahmed Jadhuvan, VTV

Ibrahim Shafiu, DhiFm

Mohamed Jinaah, Dhifm

Nasrulla Ali, Haveeru Daily

Another scandal

A defence lawyer has petitioned to criminal court for intimidating against an arrested suspect who has used his right to silence. Many cases of police haven’t been prosecuted, where they do not allow investigating it with evidence.

Deputy Leader of DRP, Ahmed Mahloof has confirmed that another demonstration will take place tonight. We need a change now, we need to change this government, and the state will return to the people.

Freedom of Expression is a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution.

See! Police Brutality day in America

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