Sun Travel’s wedding plan: an unlawful deception

The wedding plans of Vilureef resort are really devastating the tourism industry. According to an article published by the Minivan News, and which have been published some days ago in many websites; it was really disgusting to see them treated in a way that we haven’t expected from a Tourist Resorts.

Sun Travel Shiyam, owner of the resort, the famous businessman, who has a worst record of attendance in parliament, who holds seat of Meedho Constituency, has ordered to investigate the case. Resort refused to reveal the case to public, and mainly to police, where it was the scheduled way of the “marriage ceremony” which took place very often in that report, some staffs have said.

The two couple, whatever their faith is, we do not possess any power, or any discretion, to treat inhumanly. The resort has charged around $2100 for that ceremony, where the marriage in charge was holding an employment contract, and he says that he is having the penal code of Maldives.

The couple does not know what was preaching on them, and the person who was taking the picture asked the person presiding over the marriage ceremony to look at the breast of the bride.

A person, who works in resort, said in the state of anonymity that it is very integrated to Sun travel that it is the usual way of the marriage ceremony. Sun travel receives $2100 per marriage, where they were persuaded, and was misleadingly informed of the wrong cultural events of Maldivian society, which is drinking Kurumba (coconut), using filthy words, and planting trees, after marriage.

It’s evident that, no one can do such a thing in a resort unless he/she gets the permission from the senior management do so. And it was really impressive to note that, almost every day, there had been these kinds of marriages, and it was videotaped by the guests themselves, and the Maldivians do not get it unless they uploaded it to the YouTube.




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