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FIRED: Go back home

Yesterday Parliament has endorsed some Cabinet Ministers while most of the proposed members were fired. Here is the list of Members Fired; Dr. Ahmed Shaheed Dr.Ibrahim DiDi (Dentist-Cosmetic, Wonder how DR comes as a title) Dr. Ahmed Sawad Ali, Attorney … Continue reading

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Where’s President Nasheed?

The below picture shows the very first rally in Maldives in the last decade, where many believes that this is the turning point. People gathered for one reason, to free the their relative inmates, to free the prisoners, and some innocent protesters … Continue reading

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Increasing Tuition Fees; Two governments as counterparts

President Nasheed, upon reaching the “Chair of Presidency” decided to cut and reduce the funds which have been used to cater education in Maldives. Now, in England, Students are demonstrating against the policy of the Conservative Party’s decision on “treble … Continue reading

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