Increasing Tuition Fees; Two governments as counterparts

President Nasheed, upon reaching the “Chair of Presidency” decided to cut and reduce the funds which have been used to cater education in Maldives.

Now, in England, Students are demonstrating against the policy of the Conservative Party’s decision on “treble tuition fees and Cut University funding in England.” The same thing happened in Maldives and is happening. At first, President reduced the salaries of the Civil Servants, where it affects the salaries of the teachers. And secondly, he decided that government will never award “paid-leave” for anyone who goes for any educational purpose.  He decided to collect funds from the students who do not have financial capacity to afford, and also, their parents, do not get more than 300 dollars per month.

Mr. Nasheed has established a tight monetary policy; however, he pays the highest pay for his staffs. President Nasheed has appointed over 600 political posts, where the so-called dictator Maumoon was below 400.

President Nasheed, who has a good relation with the current Prime Minister of UK, David Cameron-has established similar policies as Cameron established in his few days in office

See the link: UK students protesting



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2 Responses to Increasing Tuition Fees; Two governments as counterparts

  1. Adam says:

    And to add to it, he is sacking people who have loyally been working for several years in the state owned companies, who are apparently bread winners of several families, to employ his party activists who knows nothing.

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