Where’s President Nasheed?

The below picture shows the very first rally in Maldives in the last decade, where many believes that this is the turning point. People gathered for one reason, to free the their relative inmates, to free the prisoners, and some innocent protesters believed it was a congregation against the Gayyoom regime. MDP beleives that Balck Friday was the day of change. And they believes President Nasheed is the Hero.

Show me Nasheed

Let me see, President Nasheed in this picture. He was not here. He tool thousands of Dollars from Qasim Ibrahim, Leader of Jumhooree party, and escaped for a self imposed exile in United Kingdom. He was there for his own benefits, easy life style, boozing, and partying. Nasheed never attend to this rally. Where’s Nasheed?

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3 Responses to Where’s President Nasheed?

  1. ahmed says:


  2. siku says:

    I don’t think he was there that day. He came to Male’ after all this happened and took all the credit. hehe… a true politician!

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