FIRED: Go back home

Yesterday Parliament has endorsed some Cabinet Ministers while most of the proposed members were fired. Here is the list of Members Fired;

  1. Dr. Ahmed Shaheed
  2. Dr.Ibrahim DiDi (Dentist-Cosmetic, Wonder how DR comes as a title)
  3. Dr. Ahmed Sawad Ali, Attorney General (who has two months of Legal Experience)
  4. Ali Hashim.
  5. Dr.Musthafa Luthfy.
  6. Ameen Fisal, Defence Minister.

I humbly ask these people to go back to their homes. It’s evident that these people do not understand the RULE OF LAW, and even the president has no knowledge of good governance. He has said that, even if they were fired they will remain in office. How can that be possible? The president has only the power to nominate the members, and the parliament will decide whether to endorse them to serve for the state.

President does not wish to negotiate with any opposition party, where his Party’s Parliamentary Group is not abiding his rules and prepositions. President Nasheed lost the majority of the parliament upon convening the New-Parliament of the current Constitution.

MDP, the governing party does not understand the meaning of endorsement or consenting a member to remain in office after the nomination. They think that the supreme power of appointment is vested president, therefore the Parliament do not have any say. But the constitution is clear about the matter.

Why don’t they go back and learn the Meaning of No-Confidence Motion.

Legal Action shall be commence if these SIX people enters to any Government Office.

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