Abdulla Shahid and Ahmed Moosa (Dhifm and DhiTv)

A source from Maldives confirms that the Speaker of the Parliament, Abdulla Shahid of DRP, has come to an understanding with Champa, owner of Crown Company, resort (Gasfinolhu, Kuredhoo, Meerufenfushi), owner of a local TV channel, DhiTV, and DhiFm. Abdulla Shahid was believed to be the Running-Mate of Ahmed Thasmeen Ali, but the source vouched that Shahid and Thasmeen have hidden agendas which were not yet disclosed by each other.

Presidential Candidate

Shahid has lot of lobby meetings with the businessmen in Maldives. Champa (Uchchu) had offered Shahid to contest in the upcoming Presidential Election. Meanwhile, DRP has a strong disparity on the dismissal of the Deputy Leader, Umar Naseer. Thasmeen has come out of his “white-collar” shell and had made lot of intimidations to the Honorary Leader Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom.

The local tv channel, DhiTV, and DhiFm, was believed to be under control of Abdulla Shahid, where the baby CEO of DhiFm, Mr. Hilmy has confirmed that Abdulla Shahid is the “Editorial Controller”. Abdulla Shahid has had lot of “overnights” in Champa Resorts in the last month. And also, they had travelled together to Singapore for further discussions of the Election.

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  1. //Sub/Corpus says:

    investigative journalism ???
    Nice 🙂

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