New Episode: Police Brutality in Maldives

President of Maldive, Mohmed Nasheed, claims that his policies are more democratic than the previous regimes. He argued against the police brutality, arbitrary arrests, political freedom and individual liberties. Now, people of Maldives is facing the worst days in its political history.

New Constitution emerged: new government elected: party system introduced: judiciary is independent, but good governance is missing.


The video in this article shows the level of brutality in Maldives Police Service against civilians who do not have anything to defend. The man in this video is under the control of police. But, he was repeatedly beaten by batons. There are enough police officers to arrest this particular person. He is trying to flee when he receives serious injuries from the police persons.

The proposed Nobel-Prize winner, Mohamed Nasheed, has no support in Maldives, where he uses armed forces and police to control his opponents. In a recent rally, most of the journalists were repeatedly beaten, and the case has filled to the concerned authorities.

Spoke Person of Maldives Police Serivce always claim that police are on the right track, where they thinks that brutality is a fundamental feature of the MDP’s manifesto.

We need to stand against this brutality.


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4 Responses to New Episode: Police Brutality in Maldives

  1. ali says:

    ohh come on..i know this guy personally..he is fucking murder..he have stab people to gang member drug trafficker,how do u want police to treat him?like a 4 year old kid..if he havnt tried to fleee he would have been peacefully arrested…but as we can clearly see he was trying to fuk up the police..if force is needed to bring down these kind of ppl i dont mind using them

  2. AA says:

    Yasin, I have to disagree with your viewpoint on this issue. Police entitles a specific power and authority in any state and without such enforcements criminals could not be restrained. This does not mean to torture criminals. I have been living in one of the western nation known as the epitome for human rights and I have been living here for quite sometime now. I closely observe the police conducts in here. I could say that there is a big difference between forceful arrest and brutality. If you observe how police reacts in here to zero tolerance crimes, specially in a Friday night, you would know that what we see in Maldives is nothing and such forceful arrests are crucial to the safety of innocent civilians and to people who want to indulge in late night outings. Of course, we have so many people here who gets drunk in weekends but they do it responsibly and within the confinements of law but still I find it more safer in here.

    We all know Maldives have an atrocious prison system and feeble public awareness about human rights and as a result many of those perpetrators are living and carrying on crimes with apparent impunity. When I am back in Maldives, I am afraid now to walk alone in the streets, specially if its late night. This is something very different compared to my childhood. We hardly hear of man slaughtering and gang fights on those days. The crimes in Maldives is now soaring dramatically and therefore something is wrong with our system or the way we perceive the rights of criminals.

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