Stunt President: Cabinet Meeting in Kulhudhuffushi

President Nasheed has decided to do anything that he can do for the sake of MDP candidates. It seems now that he does not have any other way of campaigning, where all his efforts are being utilizing and devoting to MDP candidates.
The Stunt Man was surprised to see the number of people congregation on the meeting held by DRP, President Maumoon, with the people of Kulhudhuffushi.
Press Secretary, Mohamed Zuhair’s rhetoric never makes any sense; he said that only 20 staffs of Government will arrive to Kulhudhuffusi. Here is why i said it is senseless:
1. Ten Cabinet Ministers
2. President
3. vise President
4. Cabinet Secretaries
5. Five other Staffs
6. Five Cabinet Under-Secretary
7. Number of State Ministers
8. Number of Deputy Ministers
9. Number of Deputy State Ministers
10. Press Secretary
11. Ziyayyey
12. Finance Secretary, Ahmed Mausoom
13. Secretaries of Ministers.
If the Press Secretary has a Calculator please make a sense making Calculation.
Dear President why don’t you hold a cabinet session in an uninhabited island. Why don’t you prefer Addu, Why don’t you prefer Huvadhu, Why don’t you prefer MEGA Maldives?

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2 Responses to Stunt President: Cabinet Meeting in Kulhudhuffushi

  1. Ca says:

    KObaa security? 😉

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