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Vampires in Maldivian Parliament

I wrote an article about the business tycoons in Maldives, very recently. Fortunately, not more than a week after, the parliament, especially the members representing the governing party, voted in favor of the tycoons. They voted to reduce T-GST t0 … Continue reading

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MPs Getting Richer and Richer, today’s income $9079

Today, Parliamentary Finance Committee has asked from the administration to pay off the amount passed by the Parliament, which includes more than $1500 increment on their salary. Now, salary of each MP is one of the highest Salary in Maldives; … Continue reading

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Taicrocy in Maldives: Reeko Moosa and other Businessmen declare Nasheed as a Figurehead

Meaning of democracy in political terminology is the power of people. The two words-dUmos and kratia- has to be changed to another form. Surely dUmos no longer exist in the Maldivian context. It shall be replaced by the word tycoon. … Continue reading

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National Transaction of buying Thasmeen for few Dollars

It wasn’t a surprise for us see both of them making deals each other for their own benefit. It was inevitable belief that these people, Thasmeen, Nasheed and Boon Boon, will always destroy our generations. Thasmeen has a huge amount … Continue reading

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Koli is the first class citizen

We found that Koli Alimaniku and his allies with Annabeelu, Waheedudiin of Bandos is the real President and Vice president of Maldives. On the last two occasion which the president appeared, he were trying to convince us the power that they possess … Continue reading

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