National Transaction of buying Thasmeen for few Dollars

It wasn’t a surprise for us see both of them making deals each other for their own benefit. It was inevitable belief that these people, Thasmeen, Nasheed and Boon Boon, will always destroy our generations. Thasmeen has a huge amount owing to National Bank, MBL. According to the sources now the amount has reached to one Billion. So it’s a fortune for him to have a single minute with the president.

The Blue-tied president has bestowed his presidential powers to Annabeelu Waheeduddiin and Koli Umaru Maniku. And, I think since Thasmeen has some resorts, he is also included in that Mahujanu List.

Thasmeen has been marked as coward guy, who seems to be competent for a house-wife. He does not have skills in any area. He doesn’t know how to address in a political rally. He doesn’t know how to deal with the parliamentarian. One thing obvious with him is that, he was from a rich family. Nothing else can be found of him.

Thasmeen and his family companies took loans in significant amount from Bank of Maldives. Now, after 2 years, facing the civil charges by the bank, he has lost all his power. Now the loan seems to have been to beyond his abilities, which is around 1/12 of the total budget of the Maldives. It has been more than a year without any hearing. The case has appealed by the borrower.

Now the final battle has been begun. Thasmeen surrendered to the government. He has to agree all the proposals of the government in Parliament, where in consideration; the government will withdraw the charges filed by the BML. Moreover, Thasmeen, there for, will be eligible for long-term-reschedule of the loans.




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