Taicrocy in Maldives: Reeko Moosa and other Businessmen declare Nasheed as a Figurehead

Meaning of democracy in political terminology is the power of people. The two words-dUmos and kratia- has to be changed to another form. Surely dUmos no longer exist in the Maldivian context. It shall be replaced by the word tycoon. So the words, taikun and kratia should be jointly read. The final Greek word should be taikun kratia; taicrocy. It’s an appealing. The new terminology should be used in my new articles.

Reeko Moosa, Majority Leader of the Parliament and acting Chairperson of the governing MDP has quite power of the state. Whenever he delivers a speech in any rally of the party, he usually commands the president to obey his order. In a rally, which was broadcasted by the National TV Channel, he said; “I, the elected MP of Hulhuhenveyru Constituency, hereby order the president that Maumoon shall be arrested and trial should begin today”. I agree with the statement, but his commanding language demeans the presidential power.

He won a public tender to reclamation project, where the case is still pending in the court, if I’m not mistaken. Anti-Corruption Commisson (ACC), a statutory independent commission established to investigate such matters, ordered to stop the project, but, the project is still going on with the power of Reeko Moosa. The project was awarded to his company, Heavy Load Pvt Ltd at an amount of 21 million dollars. It has been recently discovered that he has claimed and recovered the excess dollar benefit, where any of the government project is still unable to recover.

He has been giving threats to Media of many times, especially DhiTv, which is not a pro channel of the government. It has broadcasted lot of reports about the project.

Recently, he has hosted a meeting for his presidential nomination. He was criticized by his fellow MPs, where they believe only President Nasheed shall run in the upcoming presidential election.

The other tycoons such as Waheeduddin and Koli family have recently joined with the economic policy of the government. They demanded for a lesser percentage of tax, and president has agreed for that proposal due to the fear of his throne being toppled.

In the recent news Conference, president made a statement that he is the follower of tycoons and they are not following him. It’s an amazing statement. He never makes such bullshits but has to agree with the truth. It would be otherwise a matter of his re-election.

Activists, tycoons, and other potential powers have taken over. President has to dictate what they say, for the sake of his protection. The ideology that portrayed made us to think about it. We need to protect this society and upheld the notion of rule of law and equality. Taicrocy shall be repealed by democracy again.

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