MPs Getting Richer and Richer, today’s income $9079

Today, Parliamentary Finance Committee has asked from the administration to pay off the amount passed by the Parliament, which includes more than $1500 increment on their salary. Now, salary of each MP is one of the highest Salary in Maldives; its around $6500. Moreover, they are eligible for a RED passport, and parliamentary immunity. They seems to be immune from any wrong doing, cannot be arrested without approval of the Speaker. And many more.

Within these two years of term, many members have upgraded their living standard to luxury level. It was luxury from basic. OMG. An MP, who have not acquired a Bachelors Degree, has been referring  as a lawyer. Brand New BMW cars,and luxury Rented Apartment suffice to decide he never get sufficient funds from his parliamentary salary.

Another MP, who recently joined to the Governing MDP, has bought two lands from the most valuable area of Maldives, where he need to work Five More years to buy two lands costing  more than $400,000.

Today, Anti-Corruption Commission has applied and succeed a court order to access the financial reports of the parliamentarians. They decided that those reports should not be published, nor be eccessible to the media, where they’ll be intimidated. Poor.

Most of the MPs do not have gone through the official education levels. Very few possess bachelors Degree. Most of them basically know how to write and read. But their salary is the highest in Maldives. Resort owners, businessmen, make laws to bound their own daily business. Some MPs do not even open their mouth, never talk, never meet their people, but he’ll surely distribute money on the next parliamentary election.

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2 Responses to MPs Getting Richer and Richer, today’s income $9079

  1. shaamil says:

    Yes, and the difference between businessmen and the general public is vastly unbridgeable..

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