Vampires in Maldivian Parliament

I wrote an article about the business tycoons in Maldives, very recently. Fortunately, not more than a week after, the parliament, especially the members representing the governing party, voted in favor of the tycoons. They voted to reduce T-GST t0 8 percent. The deal was very clear.

Since the government is unable to reach it’s presidential pledges due to high cost of administration, they are coerced to revise the existing tax bills, to meet the vows. In order to achieve those goals, the president himself have sent a letter asking for the support for the tax bills. Now, its clear by the votes of the parliament that anything can be passed if it  consists the wishes of tycoon.

Day light Robbery

Last week, a crowd of 50 peoples, angry over the decision of the parliament to get committee allowance (which is 20,000 MRF) other than the salary, gathered to hold the signs that read against the decision. The very interesting sign was caught my mind: “Day light Robbery in Parliament”. Now, with the decision of the parliament, government is silent.

It was criticized that the immoral decision was backed by the government to persuade the members of their own party. The blandishments came in the form of silence, where, the still servants are unable to enforce the verdict against the government; which states the government shall pay the “pay-cut”. Again the question emerges, why the government is under the power of tycoons. Tycoon’s powers are unpredictable. (Daylight legitimate robbery was firstly reported by the Maldivian truth seeker)

Highest Order

Yesterday, sms-casters were non-stop: asking the people not to demonstrate, where it means to me that, the members will not vote for tax bills if they are not paid. The highest order came to save the government. They seek to remain in power for two terms consecutively. I have seen MDP activists with the protesters, but later they left due to the highest order. Now, the immoral decision was backed by the government.

Enfeoffments are taking place just for one reason: to vote in favor of government. What’s left for us is a small portion of flow, sugar and rice just to meet the fundamental needs of a human being. Government is paying 62,00+20,00o per month to the opportunists; and the Baby Minister of Finance, Inaz, is so proud of the decision. F**K

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