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Run away from coalition

Today adhaalath took the best decision that they will ever decide int their political history. They supported this nasty government due to their agreements with the jumhoooree party. I was learned that they decided by majority of the concerned committee … Continue reading

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Victimizing civil servants

The highest percentage of the employment in Maldives covers from the state, especially from the civil service. According to the law no one can be dismissed or promoted over his or her political belief. By the law-employment and civil service-all … Continue reading

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A lesson to State Attorneys: State and Government

I have found from all the news updates of the trial proceedings that the state representation can be decide as the JOKE of the year. Of the most criticisms would include that they do not understand the difference between state … Continue reading

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Fareed is not absolutely FREE

I was astonished of the dissenting statement of Sheikh Fareed on publishing the new Islamic Unity Regulation. It took quite long time to finalize the draft of which we were hinted to cover all part of extremism and the other. … Continue reading

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The Story of The Island President

t’s obvious to believe that Canadians and Americans, who live in abroad, far from our nation, with the cultural obscurity, have disregarded the true problem of this tiny nation. We are not overwhelmed by his environmental initiatives and it’s achievement … Continue reading

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