The Story of The Island President

t’s obvious to believe that Canadians and Americans, who live in abroad, far from our nation, with the cultural obscurity, have disregarded the true problem of this tiny nation. We are not overwhelmed by his environmental initiatives and it’s achievement in the past days, and even now. Today, we are much concerned about our income; which is essential where the government has announced its redundancy on Civil Service and hike in Political appointments.

Environment, as an ideology in the modern political dictionaries would plainly mean as the laziest and most effective mechanism to swing the support of the international Community. Nasheed, so-called democratically elected President of Maldives, whose veil has to be lifted, firstly said Maldives is “on its way to sink”. Later he announced Industrial opportunities in this demersal land, which may capsize as he said in his words. This would be a joke.

Nasheed said “When I first thought about fighting climate change it was so against the odds it was a hard thing to do. You think ‘I can’t take the whole world on. I can’t change things to the extent that is necessary. But then I was told that bringing democracy in the Maldives and trying to change the dictatorship was also impossible — you can’t achieve it all (but) we did.”

Nasheed never know what’s democracy and what are the problems related to environment, but he knows how to jeopardize every place. It’s like this: I hired a mechanic, and I provide services to the vehicles, where I do not know how to fix it only other than to invoice and collect the payment. So, I appear on TV and declare that I’ve the record of repairing Vehicles. Journalist who have covered his presidential campaign would notice that he has no interest in Environmental affairs, he only seek the presidential immunity and his nipote[nepotism]-belief.

Nevertheless, in his political rallies, it has often battled with the Independent Media and has often said to revoke the license. He has ignored the political participation and never respects laws. He seems to be above the law. He as declared that he may take actions out of line of the Constitution, which may lead to claim. And also, they [his allies] has demonstrated against single citizens who do not perform state duties.

Nasheed started new reclamation projects, and made his way to fool the Maldivians. His political rhetoric was not much attracted locally and he decided to export it on the international arena. NGOs and other Associations, who genuinely work voluntarily with the funds given by the rich tycoons, play a vital role to portray their target in order to maintain the relationship with the donors. And it would be the long-lasting job of their life.

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One Response to The Story of The Island President

  1. alm says:

    almost true. a sinking land open for foreign investors. who would leave there wealth to sink. BOGOAS.

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