Fareed is not absolutely FREE

I was astonished of the dissenting statement of Sheikh Fareed on publishing the new Islamic Unity Regulation. It took quite long time to finalize the draft of which we were hinted to cover all part of extremism and the other. Nevertheless, it is only consisting the propagation of Islamic thought.

Freedom of Expression is a right guaranteed by the constitution. It has no flaws yet on interpreting it. Ironically, most active preachers stand against it. Why? Are we absolutely free from all limitations?

Ibra as the Attorney General

We have heard in ibra’s dialogue that he only has the right to interpret the constitution. However, rather been as the chairman of the draft committee of the Assembly, he has never made anything unfamiliar. He is only marked as a SLOW speaker, who even irritates the audience with his way of dominance. He thinks he only has the right to speak over public matters. No! It must be wrong.

President appointed Ibra as an advisor; advisor on regulation affairs. The Constitution stipulates that the National Advisor on legal affairs shall be the Attorney General. Even though it is constitutionally immoral to accept his advises where the state has to defend any case levied upon the state.

So, ibra has no role over the legal affairs.


Fareed, leader of Black Friday, often thinks that he is not bound by any limits. This is a society consisted of lot of people who have different characters. There for, it is evident, in any manner, that a regulation is needed to regulate it. Moreover, rapid increase in Islamic-extremism generates a vivid explanation for the urgency of these limitations.

Fareed has to learn that regulations cannot be made in favor of him, but it has to be fully addressed for the public.

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1 Response to Fareed is not absolutely FREE

  1. akram says:

    The real problem is fareed don’t have a equivalent pass as mentioned in the very first points in the rules and regulations.

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