A lesson to State Attorneys: State and Government

I have found from all the news updates of the trial proceedings that the state representation can be decide as the JOKE of the year. Of the most criticisms would include that they do not understand the difference between state and government. It plays a vivid role to portray the beauty of our constitution. Attorney General is a state designation. And the story of State and Government shall be followed now.

Many Cases levies against the state and also, state too files cases against individuals and incorporations. The state representation would take place in both ways. So, he has to defend or sometimes has to come up with an out of court settlement. But, now, it seems that the Maldivian Attorney General Office, including all the attorneys or solicitors, do not have clear understanding of their obligations.

What they do is to defend anything against them. For example, if the president says we are animals then surely it will be followed by a law suit against the statement. The state attorneys will defend it; they will say that the president doesn’t intend to say that. And they will say president haven’t said that. Latter, once again they will agree with the statement.

Any of the MDP supporters are not suing the state. And also, if anyone come up with a case against the state they will wait until the last process of appeal-supreme Court. So the state is only the government and MDP.

State comprises of all the part of the country. It includes the hospitals, individuals, properties, minerals, and any valuable found in the land. So, in basic terms the preamble of the constitution defines the state. Government, in neither way, can be over the state powers. Government is a part of the state. Government has to ask for legal advice in matter of questions.

The constitution states that there shall be an Attorney General who represents the state in courts, tribunals and whatsoever. And also, it says that the Attorney General has to protect everything within the boundary of this nation. But now, after facing cases, and often had lost it. Despite facts of the case, they will say something unimaginable, which will often made clear. They will strongly protest against it. But now, they say they do not agree on any of the part of the claim. And the case often goes for 3 years

If Ag knows the basic human rights, different between the powers of the state and government will speed up justice and prosperity.

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