Victimizing civil servants

The highest percentage of the employment in Maldives covers from the state, especially from the civil service. According to the law no one can be dismissed or promoted over his or her political belief. By the law-employment and civil service-all are equal before the law. I do not have a background of legal matters, but with obvious facts, human rights are rights which would be accessible until we are humans.
President Mohamed Ed Nasheed, so-called democratically misdemeanor, decided not to give any amount of cash he deducted from salary of civil servants. The nest day he promoted Mr. Aries Mausoom as the Chief of Staff ( muvazafunge katheebu) in the rank of cabinet folios.

A court of Maldives, civil if I’m not mistaken made the verdict to provide the stolen money from the salary of the innocent civil servants. But later, upon poising the case, president ordered to appeal the case against them. And in the upper court ( high court) upheld the verdict, since then then the harmony changed. On an interview president said that supreme court has to consider the state reserve and budget. So basically it means he cannot be questioned for his unreasonable a out of staffs and salary.

Nepotism plays a strong position in this government. Western media is blind over these matters.President has openly rejected to follow the order of the court. And the democratically elected guy has appointed all his friends to the higher salaried jobs.
I strongly applause for the bravery of Mahk Jabeen who levied the Case against the parliament. May be against financial secretary.

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