Run away from coalition

Today adhaalath took the best decision that they will ever decide int their political history. They supported this nasty government due to their agreements with the jumhoooree party. I was learned that they decided by majority of the concerned committee sighing the party.

Press secretary Mohamed zuhairu today said that general members of the party do not wish to revoke it’s contribution. Zubairu must be aware that they decide to unite with yellow without the approval of the grass root. And the concerns floated were mere politics. Zubairu would be most culpable person, who do not represent any interest of the state, but a word of mouth which himself bind.

Adhaalath was dominated by hussain, the greedy coward, who may commit any thing not no make maumoon happy. And now, after the election, the party has started playing significant roles to scrutinize the government.

Hussain who only work for money, has personal matters with mammon. He may be a political worshipper of yellow religion. Today, Hassan and majyd has no place in adhaalath. They have ignored the truth.

I think Hassan will wait for the resignation of majyd, where Hassan can be appointed.

Now they ran away from the coalition and now only the friends and family is behind, but please do not call it nepotism is any manner.

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