We are dying of famine: hike of prices

We are dying of famine: hike of prices

I have seen an interview of the President today which he states that “we are deiyng of environmental issues”. If any head of state puts priority on environmental affairs rather than other important issues, it would imply us that he needs to be a celebrity. It will evident that he regards only to the international community for any reason. It would be a clear way for the survival even if he’s been ousted by the people. It’s the worst political rhetoric that we can ever practice in a Third-world country. The vital fact to be unveiled is that President Nasheed is only engaged in environmental issues leaving behind all his constitutional duties.

Hike in Prices

Now we are paying the highest amount to the goods and services in our life. Parliament has imposed GST, tax on us. The act reads that we are oblige to pay 3.5% of the price. And also, we are paying the import tariff.


What the hell is this president talking about. He opens his rotten mouth in front of journalists. But they only write to sell their magazine and newspapers.

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