Supreme Court tied to MDP’s Apron Strings

MDP wants pure loyalty over the LAW

Supreme Court delayed its verdict on the case of Umar Naseer v. Mohamed Musthafa (2009) due to the heavy threat imposed on the political arena of Maldives. MDP, Maldivian Democratic Party, who have breached each and every piece of law of Maldives, gathered to at the Supreme Court mansion to intimidate the Judges. The resolution to transform the capital Male’ City to an anomie was announced throughout the streets requesting all the people who have lost any case filed in any court of Maldives to appear at the Supreme Court.

Reason for the demonstration

According to the daily newspapers, Musthafa has an unresolved debt owing to a Bank which has stopped its operation. If the verdict comes in favor of the Claimant, Umar Naseer, the MP Musthafa will be dismissed from his seat. MDP’s members were intolerable to wait potentially, but hoped that it was to be made against Musthafa. They do not accept any statement, any verdict, any law, any opinion and anything which comes against them. They’ll stand against it. It can be best portrayed as Mexican drug lords, who often stand dissent against any opinion made against them. The level of tolerance is simply under leveled.  They need to attend classes of democracy.

Law says it’s prohibited to gather at Supreme Court

We have seen the protesters been refrained from entering certain zones like, Residence of the tyrant President Nasheed, and Office of the Presidency, Parliament, and anywhere the U-graded Police decided to sweep. The Regulation of Assembly states that no one shall be able to protest near the Courts, Hospitals, Schools, Mosques, and Military Residences. However, all the cabinet ministers, parliamentarians of MDP, some of the Civil Servents protested at Supreme Court arguing to dismiss the case filled by the Umar Naseer. Oh My GOD! Governing party of Maldives has no sense of morality towards the people. And they are above the Law.

Police failed to clear the Street

Maldives Police Service was unable to touch any of the protesters by a presidential order. But, they were informed to participate in the demonstration. However, If members of opposition gather at any location police will spray Tear Gass and Pepper Spray and will be attacked with water cannons. Police is the enforcement authority of Maldives, who have failed keep peace and provide a prosperous life for us. They are very busy in protecting the governing leaders, and spying the opposition leaders and members. Many police officers were injured at the demonstration. Police is required to uphold the Constitution and Rule of law.

MDP members also gathered at the residence of President Maumoon, former president of Maldives who ruled the country for almost 30 years. The whole area was chunking stones out. They damaged windows, and also, a youth is been undergoing medical treatments at Hospital.

The new theory has established that if you file a case in any court gathers and intimidate the judge. You shall be the winner. But it’s an inedible damage to the judiciary. Why don’t we stand against the YELLOW Religion, MDP?

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