MDP asks to abolish Human Rights in Maldives: Musthafa’s humbug talk

Now I really think, was Musthafa a Parliamentarian? It’s a shame on other parliamentarians who really work, sharing their abilities for the nation. But Musthafa, who unfortunately  has no good educational background, nor any experience in political arena, had made MDP as a politically bankrupt party. And More, it was really inevitable fact that Musthafa has not yet contributed a single pennyworth constribution in the parliament. However, we have learned that Musthafa is a detrimental to MDP.

Advocating for to abolish Human Rights Commission 

Yesterday, he has called to defy court orders. He asked to abolish Human Rights in Maldives. Who the hell? Human Rights was the theme of MDP while it was unresistant at the time of opposition. Amnesty International was often reffed, and was critically dissented on the human rights-issues. But, after reaching the state reserve, the highest authority over the Military, President Nasheed (ANNI), has forgotten everything.

Musthafa owes money to the State 

Musthafa has failed to pay the rent of the his restaurant for more than 2 years. It was a fact that the City Council could have been taken the possession of the land if some one else has failed to pay the rent. Now, nearly it will reach 2 million Maldivian Rufiya. The people refer Musthafa colloquially by the name of his restaurant,  MR. CHIKO.

I request to the parliament to remove him from the Suloookee Committee of the parliament.
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