Extract from the first democratic dictatorship (1)

Many of us believe that freedom of expression emerged only when Nasheed advocated for it. And also, the same people adhere to the claim that MDP shall be credited for the freedom of expression that has been gained from 2005 to date. Despite the fact that many MDP members and others were jailed for breach of law, we all are portrayed that those are not criminals but peacemakers.

I had good relation with many of the MDP members and others too who had been convicted for expressing thoughts freely and without making false allegations. Hence, I do believe that they are real heroes who had fought for our freedom. Therefore they are not criminals but merely democratic activists, human rights journalists, a detainee of conscience, and heroes of our democracy.

But, the problem arises when we are to say that Sandhaanu Zaki, Ahammaidhee and Luthfee are also among the democratic activists who had been found guilty and were sentenced to life in prison. Nasheed was not sentenced nor subject to any trial for enjoying his liberty to express thoughts.

How about Abdulla Mohamed

Therefor with reference to the above premises would you like to believe Abdulla Mohamed, the so-called infamous Judge was sentenced for the same way, just saying something against Maumoon’s religious agenda. What Velezinee reiterating is that, Abdulla Mohamed has been found guilty of a crime, there for he shall not be able to sit in the bench?

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When anyone other than Abdulla Mohamed has sentenced by Maumoon’s regime it would have erred the natural justice and justice would not have served. But in case of Abdulla Mohamed it’s legitimate that Maumoon should impose limitations to freedom of press and expression.

So-called Human Right’s Journalist (who have not posted a single article, not appeard in TV or heard from a Radio Station), and also the daughter of MDP founder, post an edited photo of the Judge Abdulla Mohamed. Harassing cannot be tolerate!

The most corrupt Judge

We all have seen and heard that MDP, including Nasheed and his friends and fellow gundas often say Abdulla Mohamed is a corrupt judge who can be bribed and often jeopardies the criminal justice system.

Abdulla Mohamed was in Military detention, and Nasheed has said that allegations against him were investigating. Can Nasheed point out any officer who had been in that investigation? Can he point out a single question that has been asked to commence the investigation? And more, if he cannot do it, why doesn’t he say mention the name of person and cases where Abdulla Mohamed was bribed. Why are they reluctant to expose his corruption allegations? Instead of that, Nasheed and His friends always say that Abdulla Mohamed is corrupt, but there’s no premise for their argument.

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A financial Contributor of Lecute ( perfume shop in Male), a business partner of Mahmoodh raazee, former Trade Minister and Chairman of the privatization committee; a partner of Former Finance Minister Ali Hashim; a business partner of Mausoon, former Chief of Staff. See the Moral ethics!

I have not seen anything done by Abdulla Mohamed against MDP, but I see Nasheed’s supporters and he himself had been saying that Abdulla Mohamed cannot sit in the bench and will never sit in the bench. Now, Nasheed’s government has been surrendered to the people. Its main cause was the demonstration took place in Male’ demanding to release the judge Abdulla Mohamed. However the bitter end that has been bestowed unto nasheed is now blamed with Abdulla Mohamed, who was powerlessly prostrating to god, and his family on the other part seems to have done the same.

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One Response to Extract from the first democratic dictatorship (1)

  1. zuhooru says:

    very clearly said. velezinee is unable to come up with the verdict. can any one tell me she was dismissed by nasheed.

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