President of the Sun Maldives

As we all have the right to compete in the public elections a new candidate has emerged with his interest to compete in the upcoming presidential election. Suntravel Shiyam, a businessman, an MP for an isolated constituency, has been in Parliament for the past Fifteen years. And very recently Shiyam has started the campaign to establish his political party.

Parliamentary history

Shiyam has the worst record of attendance in Parliament in its history. He never contributes his ideas nor did he participate in the debates during the sessions. Moreover, he has not yet submitted any draft law and has not even submitted any amendment to any law where all our laws are outdated and never cater the current political and judicial circumstances. Rather contributing to the proceedings of the parliamentary sessions you will find him unattended.

Are the people of his constituency Dumb and Deaf?


You may ask how Shiyam is defeating his fellow contesters and how can he secure his seat in the parliament for the past consecutive elections. The government of Maldives, in Maumoon Administration and also Nasheed Administration, and Media gives more attention to Kudahuvadhoo than other alienated islands nearby.

Despite the fact that Kudahuvadhoo population is not more than Fifteen Hundred past governments has given them all economic, health, and educational opportunities. As a result islanders nearby, and far but not near than Male’ were required to send their children to Kudahuvadhoo for education. Government had granted a Regional Hospital offering a tremendous opportunity where even people from Kulhuamdulu are required to consult doctors in kudhuvadhoo after a 4 hour trip one way.

        Why shiyam?


Shiyam had opened a five star resort nearby island and many natives are attending for employment. Many weavers are sending their products to the resort. As a result, I would say with employment fear, and fear of the economic opportunities Shiyam is leading the constituency.

Shiyam has his own welfare department targeted for his constituency. He pays electric bills, send people abroad for medication, and helps to pay tuition fees.

Shiyam is securing the seat by spending money on his people and by way of employing people in his islands.

Therefor the people are not much concerned of his contribution in parliament but his financial assistance, economic opportunities and medical facilities.



Shiyam has established a radio channel, TV channel, an online news agency, and more over a magazine that publishes on every week. Why should a businessman who has 5 Five-Star resorts need to control media. And even though he’s a parliamentarian he never actively participates in political activities.

Suntravel Shiyam maintains very low profile. He never makes any comment on the current situation of Maldives. He was said to be a member of DRP. But, as he prepares to establish his own party, shiyam seems to have targeted to run in the upcoming presidential election.

As most of the actors in Maldives try to become Directors, crews try to become ship owners, all politicians need to assume in power. Rather focusing on the trade activities most of the businessmen try to gain unfair advantages, and get opportunities through the government.

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