Blatant Lies of Tory Activist

Nasheed resigned from office and claimed that he did not resign. Nasheed announced his resignation in the public media and in the presence of his cabinet. Despite the public announcement, hours later, Nasheed said that he was resigned under gun point.

The recent reports; Report by the Human Rights Commission, report of National Inquiry Commission, and report of Police Integrity commission, has proved that there were no involvement of any Islamist, nor it did concluded saying that former president Maumoon had a part of it. Benedic Rogers of the UK Conservative Party claims that Nasheed was “ousted” by the Islamists and the Gayyoom himself.

Days later, upon losing his claim, Nasheed has opted for another approach. The old cards that he has used to oust Maumoon are replaced again; its extremism and tyranny.

The referred extremists were also contributing to Nasheed’s administration. Recently Nasheed has chaired a ceremony hosted by an extremist. Moreover, it has rumored within Male’ that an extremist are to be considered as a running mate for the upcoming election in 2013.

The below mentioned paragraph posted in NEWYORK times is the biggest joke I have ever seen from an activist who advocates for human rights.

“Nasheed was charged this month with illegally arresting a judge while he served as president. It is clear that the charges are politically motivated, designed to eliminate him from contesting any future elections — if any are held. There is no chance he can expect a fair trial. If convicted, he could serve three years in jail.”

Nasheed has illegally arrested-no, it can amount to kidnap- a sitting judge. The judge was abducted while he was with his children and family. Army officials with batons, covering their faces and head, with riot arms-had used a battering ram- went inside the house and kidnapped the judge by the order of nasheed.

Aisthath Velezinee poses with the thugs who claim to hang the judges in an open public rally. Valezinee was then the JSC Nasheed appointed member, who were dismissed by nasheed himself because of incompetency.

The judge was taken to a military training island. He was not able to contact any one. His lawyer and family were not allowed to visit him. Within the first days whereabouts of the judge was unknown. The Human Rights Commission were not allowed to meet him. He spends 22 days in the “military detention”. Nasheed claimed that he has the power to breach the constitution. What a democratic president, who is seems to be backed by some Conservatives. Nasheed breached our Constitution. Nasheed breached International Covenants, and claimed he has the authority to do so as a head of state.

A leaked audio of Nasheed- which was made between Mariya, former Chairperson of MDP and nasheed- reads that they were planning to combat police with the help of gangs. Nasheed and Mariya verify the authenticity of the audio and said they never intend to fight against them.

Nasheed assumed power to facilitate and provide civil liberties. But he and his party officials have tried in day light to arrest opponents who make dissenting statements on their administration. Nasheed himself has participated in political rallies against the people of Maldives, in favor of his political party.

Rog makes lot of biased comments to promote Nasheed.

Conservative party activist, Bendic Roger, wants to impose political pressure and sanction on us. His false allegation, propagating blatant lies, will not make any difference within the states.

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