Corruption in the name of Democracy

According to the Auditor General of Maldives audit reports of the past few years had revealed massive cases of corruption involving former President himself, his political appointees and party activists.

One of the reports revealed that a local company belonging to Nasheed’s close friend and MDP activist Pre-paid Shiuna was awarded a contract illegally to supply medical equipment’s to national hospitals across the country. It was discovered that Shiuna’s company defrauded the health ministry of Rf 11.8 million (US$ 761, 290). Shiuna’s company named as F- Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd made fake invoices and delivery notes and forged signatures to collect payment on goods that were never delivered to the health ministry. The audit report stated that the contract was awarded against the advice of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). ACC’s concern was that F-Tech did not have the necessary permits and licences to complete the contract. According to AG’s report a State Minister appointed by President Nasheed; as State Minister of Finance at the time opened a local letter of credit facility for the full contract value in favour of F-Tech. This was also deemed as an infringement of the Maldives Finance Act which stipulates that only 15% of the total contract value can be paid as advance.

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