Time is running out: We must unite and stop the doom we face in the name of democracy now or it will be too late

By HauMaldives
Once CNN Anchor and political science scholar Fareed Zakaria writing about the rise of illiberal democracy wrote about the rise of fascist and separatist government that are formed in the new and emerging democracies of the world. He claimed that some governments elected following democratic transition in new democracies around the world routinely ignore constitutional limits on their power and depriving their citizens of basic rights and freedoms carry out dictatorships in the guise of democracy. US President Obama had also expressed concern over the rise of Dictators in new and emerging democracies.
Zakaria and many other experts of politics argue that we cannot call a governing system democratic just because it holds free and fair election. But more than anything it is the respect that those in power shows to the Constitution; rule of law and separation of power after getting elected that determines whether a government or a leader is democratic or not.
In the Maldives we have seen in just three years a leader and his party in power lock the Supreme Court doors in a bid to appoint the Judges he wanted to the Supreme Court bench. The said leader went outside the powers of the Constitution to kidnap arrest and imprison the citizens of his country after declaring openly that he and his government will abuse the people, their rights if they feel it serves their self-interest. This is not to mention the said leadership’s constant assault on the people’s unbreakable devotion to their religious and cultural heritage and making a mockery of it every time he gets the chance to express in an international forum.
How can people disregard such serious shortcoming of a person and the reality of what the people and the country went through due to those shortcomings? The unbearable truth is; a majority among us are still standing hand in hand with the said leader and his party regardless of how their own brothers and sisters, moreover their reputation and their beloved country suffered in their hands.
Those among us that are subservient to such an abusive leader and his group without an ounce of guilt and without any consideration to what the future under such a maniac squad can be like undermine what happened and continue to support them; adamant on bringing them back to power. This political group and their leadership are clearly driven by financial woos as can be seen by the cases of rampant corruption committed by the said group and their leader leading to multimillion dollar losses to the State and this why the sane among us need to think about changing the mentality of their blind followers before it’s too late. Their senseless endorsement of a group so evil is breaking the hearts of the patriotic nation loving citizens. The fantasy alternative universe created by the group is a red flag and if anything goes by what happened in the last three years the faithful patriotic nation loving Maldivians should mobilise themselves now, and do whatever they can to change the mentality of their brothers, sisters and neighbours that have become eunuchs for this political group and their leadership.
We have an Asian Hitler and his Nazi party in the Maldives; no longer in the making but fully established and just like how Hitler wooed millions to follow his political ideology; this group in the Maldives had mobilised a huge following among us. With an election looming still; no one in the political circle is doing anything to wake up their citizens; perhaps they all are a bit scared; due to the murder of one of their own who stood up to make a stand against the group by lodging a Bill in the Parliament to pass a law making it compulsory for every citizen and those in power to uphold the centuries old cultural and religious unity of the country.
A collective effort by the rest of the parties, leaders and their supporters that are now behind incumbent government of Maldives are needed, to wake up the ignorance that a majority of unsuspecting gullible Maldivians are trapped in since the takeover of our stable political system by the Asian version of Hitler and his Nazi party.
Unless we start to act and make some noise pretty soon and stand strong in ending the dangerous trance half of our population is trapped in; according to them 50,000 the man and his group driven only by greed and megalomania will consume our nation and takeover once again within a span of few months. The independence of the country, the century old religion and cultural heritage will be in total ruin beyond salvage pretty soon if we sit tight lipped and do nothing.
The patronage system that this greedy narcissist and his group established with his counterparts around the world, from some powerful countries mean the havoc he created with abuse of the Constitution, disregard to the separation of power, rampant corruption, destruction of economic and social fabrics of the society, before, will mean nothing compared to what’s in store for us in the near future if he gets away with it this time. We have to become united once again and do something, do whatever we can to wake up the blinded hoodwinked brothers and sisters among us that are caught in the spell cast by this fearful force.
This article was firstly published on Write The Write by HauMaldives.

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