Note of the Day: Maldives Government is promoting and boycotting tourism

Tourism stands as the highest revenue generating income source for Maldives in the past decade. It was developed from the scratch during the Nasir Administration. Having achieved lot of milestones now Maldives is one the top travel destination in the world.

Maldivian government and resort owners pay millions of dollars to promote Maldivian tourism. From participating events held across the oceans to subscribing advertisements in the world top media outlets Maldives has an escalating achievements in the past years.

But now, after several years, have faced another hazardous situation where Maldivians calling for boycotting our own tourism industry including the former political appointees. With the help of some Conservative Party supporters of United Kindom, the former President Nasheed and then his appointed colleagues are contributing their efforts on it.

The Privileges and Protection for former Presidents Act of 2009 requires the state to pay funds to cover the expenses of former president’s offices which should carry social activities. Despite of the legal mandate, Nasheed launched a campaign to boycott Maldivian Tourism. All the expenses of Nasheed and his office are expected to be covered by state funds.

Basically saying, Nasheed travelling abroad with state funds and calling to boycott Maldivian tourism industry is another peril towards the development of the industry.

However, Nasheed, lastweek have made a statement claiming that the government is not paying the required funds as prescribed by the law. While, the Finance Ministry has said that Nasheed need to ascertain the location of his office. Nasheed’s strong supporter, MP Ali Waheed, who was bought on an auction, have stated that Nasheed’s office is the streets of the capital city, Male’.


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